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Environmentally Sound

Minimize output of CO2 during your next trip

Travel by motor coach is the best way to minimize output of CO2 during a trip. When compared to travel via a mid-size car, commercial airliner or passenger train, the motor coach emits the least amount of CO2 by far, and the further the trip, the greater the reductions. One fully occupied motor coach is 475% more energy efficient than even the most popular hybrid car.

Motor coaches deliver more than 146 passenger miles per gallon of fuel , and yield more people-moving BT than any other mode of transportation.

BEDORE TOURS has purchased motorcoaches featuring clean burning, next generation (engine / trans) Penn Series 60 engines and Allison transmissions.

The MCI J4500 is the industry’s best selling coach for 3 years running. These new coaches, powered by clean-air engine technology, are vastly greener than their predecessors. Our fleet of coaches runs on new clean diesel, called Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). Oil companies have reduced the sulfur in ULSD from 500 parts per million to the EPA-mandated level of less than 15 ppm. These combined advances in technology reduce particulate matter (black smoke) by 90% from current levels.