Tips to make your travels more enjoyable from our Professional Charter Department and our Expert Drivers.


Motor Coach Charter Services

When you rent a Motor Coach, you are guaranteed some amazing services you can’t get in a car.

Imagine having a bathroom in your car. It would stop pesky passengers from asking to stop at every other rest area because they drank an entire two-liter of soda and can’t wait until the next one. On a charter Motor Coach, not only do you not have to drive, but you will be able to use the bathroom whenever you want, without feeling guilty about holding up everybody’s progress.

Cars might have charging extensions for phones and such, but they don’t have full outlets for your laptop. Long road trips can be a killer for passengers with nothing to do. That’s why having an outlet to keep everybody entertained is important for any long distance outing.

Wi Fi
What good is a laptop without Wi Fi? If you want to check your emails, or catch up on current events, or even calm the kids down with a movie, you’re going to need Wi Fi. This level of luxury makes traveling with a group not only tolerable but downright enjoyable.

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, when you rent a Motor Coach you are providing a fun opportunity to go somewhere as a group. At a minimal cost and maximal comfort, you really can’t go wrong when traveling together. Get in contact today with Bedore Tours for more information on our Motor Coach rentals and what you can do to make your next road trip a breeze.

Easy ways to keep your child entertained on long road trips.

Traveling gives you the opportunity to visit new places and try new things. It can be a lot of fun, but if you’re traveling with kids it can be a little chaotic. If you’re taking a long road trip by Motor Coach, you have to think about ways to entertain your child. Since you may be sitting on a chartered bus for a significant amount of time, it’s likely that your child will get antsy. Here are some ideas on ways to keep your little one amused.

Activity Books

Activity books are a great way to keep your child entertained. Not only are there coloring books out there, but you can find puzzles and other activities as well. You and your child can easily pass the time by playing connect-the-dots, tic-tac-toe, and mazes. Not only will this help to keep your child amused while on the bus for hours, it also gives you something to do.


Reading a book is an easy way to pass the time. Before you head out on the road, have your child pick out two or three books they enjoy. If you and your child have already read all of the books you own, run to the bookstore and pick out a new one. This is not only a great way to keep your child entertained, but it can also help them strengthen their reading skills. If you want to challenge your child, offer them a reward for finishing a book before you arrive at your destination. That’s a guaranteed way to make them read and encourage them to stay occupied.


If you have a small child, bringing along a few toys can help the trip seem quicker. Throw cars, trucks, stuffed animals, and dolls in the backpack they’re going to carry onto the bus. This allows for easy access. A variety of toys will also ensure that if they get bored with one car, they can instantly play with something else.

Traveling, in general, is a lot of fun, but traveling with children sometimes, contingent upon their age can be a bit of a challenge. However, if you come prepared with ways to keep them occupied, the trip will go a lot smoother.